gimme some 80s rock n roll some coffee and add some meaningless tattoos


men moaning is basically the hottest thing a guy can do besides give you neck kisses

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Whoevers reading this starts conversation with me

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Anonymous asked: Care to list some of your favorite books?

Anything from oscar Wilde or jack Kerouac or Chbosky

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60s-hippy asked: And btw are you really 14? I thought you were like 18/19 jesus that kinda shocked me

Really really haha

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zeri-x asked: You have to tell me your favorite bands you just seem like you'd have the best taste!

Hehe oh zeppelin hendrix stones the doors the smiths skynyrd only to name a few aye dont go stealing ! Haha

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Anonymous asked: Your so amazing, what do you think happens after you die?

Ah ive waited for this question you see i dont believe in any god i want to be the god of my own life live by my own thoughts so say when someone asks me who i believe in i will say myself, heaven is another word to hide pain or suffer just to cover up whats really there. My point i dont believe sitting in a church for 3 hours every sunday is going to help you you have to get the fuck up and do something yourself

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Anonymous asked: You definitely need to post more pictures like you have been. They show off your perfect body, your quirkiness and the "i don't give a fuck" side of you. Dw no one will judge you as you're to perfect to be judged. Lots of love a girl who is dead set jealous of you <3. xx

Oh wow this means a lot your kind heArted motherfucker you deserve 3 billion milky ways and cluster galaxies because there hell pretty, but really wish you kids would come off anon because i wanna get to know you people but this made me smile

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I love fucking everyone on here oh my

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Anonymous asked: I love you so much bloody hell I was wondering what are your thoughts on being in a relationship over just getting with boys

Realtionships this age nah be a kid simple as that fucka round a bit kiss some rigs and move on dont make a big deal but one thing that irrtates the fuck out of me when girls have goes at the bestfriends or friends for “tuning” their exes ok there your ex for a reason dumbass. And if youve heard of the phrase dont love a dead flower, learn that he doesnt want you anymore go outside go to a waterfall go get a coffee lay in the rain theres more to life than boys look theres trees why dont you fall in love with something that makes you breathe than something that makes you take your breath away hey.

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Anonymous asked: how old are you Tia?x

14 baby

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